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5 ways to Keep Your Car in Shape in Winter

The winter is a harsh time not only on us, but on our cars as well. While we spend a lot of time picking the right clothing layers to venture out into the tundra, don’t forget about the most important winter item – your car.

1. Fluids

In the winter, you just have to think about the fact that everything takes a bit longer to warm up, and this includes the fluids in your car. These fluids can include oil, antifreeze, transmission fluid, and more. Always make sure the fluids are at the proper levels, especially in winter.

2. Battery

Besides just leaving your lights on accidentally, the cold weather can kill a battery as well. During the winter, your car’s battery has to work harder to start the car. While you may not need to let your car warm up before racing off, a deep cold can get to the battery.

If your battery is three or four years old, you will want to get it checked out before the cold weather hits to find out ahead of time if you need to replace it. A dead battery will result in the need to be jumped or towed, which both are unfortunate and can lead to big costs.

3. Tire Pressure

The tire pressure fluctuates with temperature changes, and in cold temperatures, the tire pressure can decrease at rest and then increase when the car is moving. This means that with changing temperatures, you need to keep an eye out for the tire pressure light on your dashboard. Not paying attention to this light can lead to uneven wear on tires, thus resulting in a shorter lifespan for the tire.

4. Windshield Wipers

Have you ever seen car wipers pulled away from the car before a big storm? Well, this is done to ensure that they don’t freeze to the windshield. Blades can get torn very easily in the winter since they are made of rubber, and snow, ice, and slush can break them. Be gentle with your wipers in the winter, and make sure to clear away snow and ice before using them.

5. Ice Salt

The horrid ice salt clings to shoes, gets trampled inside homes, and above all can corrode the metal on your car. Many people tend to not wash their cars in the winter due to the fact that salt is ever-present on the roads in the winter. However, washing your car at least once a month in the winter will get the salt off your car and reduce corrosion. Make sure you get your car dried though before you drive out into the cold temperatures.


Taking care of your car properly in all seasons is the key to keep it running in top shape.

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