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Excalibur Seasoning Company

Excalibur Seasoning Company is a progressive, technically oriented company with an emphasis on quality, current flavor trends and customer service. Excalibur promotes private blends for many companies creating a point of difference in the Processed, Food Service and Retail Food Markets ranging from the small business owner to large companies.

Safety Awareness Important at Excalibur Seasoning CompanyCHALLENGE:
Excalibur was experiencing high workers’ compensation premiums due to a rising experience mod. They needed to increase safety awareness and implement preventive measures to reduce their employee injuries and subsequent workers’ compensation expenses.

Using the STEP5 Risk Management Process, Kuhl Insurance℠, worked with operation leaders to implement a comprehensive safety program.

Kuhl Insurance helped Excalibur implement a routine facility inspection process, weekly safety awareness meetings, and develop an active safety committee. Excalibur now focuses on regular training, visual safety reminders and safe, efficient workspaces. Excalibur is determined to proactively address safety concerns through ongoing, routine and impactful safety activities.

Excalibur positively impacted their experience mod resulting in
decreased workers’ compensation premiums. Their employees are
engaged and actively looking for better ways to safely perform their
daily tasks.

“Excalibur Seasoning views Kuhl Insurance as a true partner in our efforts to create a safe environment for our employees. The STEP5 Risk Management Process has gotten our people actively engaged in daily safety awareness and improvements. The increase to the bottom line is critical to our business success, but the safety of our people is priceless.”
Excalibur Seasoning CompanyTom Hornstein, CEO
Excalibur Seasoning

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