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The perKs Program

Protecting Employee Risks with Kuhl Solutions.

You have an established business relationship with Kuhl Insurance. This relationship qualifies you and your employees for a no risk evaluation of your current personal insurance policies such as home, auto and life. We will assess your coverage limits, premiums and point out the strengths and potential weaknesses. When necessary we will even suggest revisions to your policies that will save you money, increase coverage and ultimately reduce your risk. At Kuhl Insurance, we strongly believe in building and protecting our customer’s futures. That is why we offer the perKs Program. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Why should you offer perKs to your employees?

  1. They could save from 5 – 41% on their auto and home insurance premiums.
  2. We make sure their coverage limits are adequate.
  3. We identify potential gaps in their current coverage.
  4. If there are gaps, we provide suggestions for optional coverage.
  5. Kuhl Insurance can customize an insurance plan to fit your employees’ needs.
  6. We offer your employees a no cost “perk” while adding value at the same time.

How to enroll in the perKs Program:

  1. Select a time that we could get in front of your employees for about five minutes to explain the program.
  2. Collectively come up with dates and times for 20-minute personal insurance reviews with each of your employees.
  3. Once the date of the session(s) is set, a payroll insert is designed indicating what dates and times we will be in the office. The inserts would go out one week prior to our scheduled meetings. A sign up sheet will be delivered to your office so it can be posted or circulated prior to our meeting.
  4. Kuhl Insurance will come and conduct comprehensive personal insurance reviews for interested employees. Reviews can take place during a break or lunch hour, and typically last around 20-minutes.
  5. We will set up individual times to present quotes. Quotes presentations last about 20-minutes and can also take place during a break or lunch hour.
  6. We present the results!


Hoerr-NurseryNate Hoerr, President of Hoerr Nursey offered the perKs Program to his employees and here is what he had to say:

“The perKs Program was another value-added service from Kuhl Insurance. In addition to a number of my employees saving a considerable dollar amount on their personal insurance, just the act of offering this program made them feel valued. The feedback from my employees was great – they all indicated that they greatly appreciated the opportunity afforded to them by Kuhl Insurance and my company to compare insurance products. The cost of doing so was minimal. I would highly recommend the perKs Program to any employer who wants to show their employees that they are valued and that your concern for them extends beyond the workplace.”

– Nate Hoerr, President of Hoerr Nursery