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Kuhl TARGET Health

At Kuhl Insurance, one of our jobs is to help you maximize the insurance dollars you spend. In an ever-changing healthcare environment, we are a valued partner. With the Kuhl TARGET Health Process, we are committed to helping manage your overall insurance costs through strategic planning, education and accountability.

What is Kuhl TARGET Health?

Kuhl TARGET Health is a value-added, proactive process to educate buyers about the complexity of group health; focusing them on strategically managing the expense and achieving the desired impact of their benefits program.

Has your organization kept up with healthcare trends?
Are your employees educated healthcare consumers, aware of their own conditions and risks?
Do you offer a health program that changes behavior?
Does your organization have quantifiable means for assessing program effectiveness?
Are you adequately planning changes in the healthcare marketplace in the next 3-5 years?

If you answered NO to any of these questions, let Kuhl TARGET Health focus on your efforts.


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