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Employee Benefits

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Our employee benefits department offers health insurance, dental, vision, life, voluntary life, disability and a variety of worksite products to our group clients. Our team also helps structure and implement Employee Wellness programs that can save you money and help you advocate for employee health.

Meet the Kuhl TARGET Health Process. Wellness programs help control claim costs, reduce absenteeism, boost employee morale, and improve the overall health and happiness of your workforce.

We also assist with Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA), Section 125, COBRA Administration, and other HR-related topics. We are a viable resource to help you navigate through the ever-changing healthcare landscape. As an employer, we know you are looking for a benefits program that fulfills your specific business needs and the wants of your employees. At Kuhl Insurance, we’ll work together to find creative ways to design your program and assign you a dedicated account executive there to answer your day-to-day questions.

We advocate for our clients by providing them with our annual Kuhl Insurance Benchmarking Report. Our report is a collection of data on all of our group accounts. We track the average deductible, copay, RX copay, average premium increase, average premium for a single person, a person with family coverage, etc. This helps employers determine if their benefits program is competitive in the marketplace when recruiting quality employees. We’ll also communicate those benefits to your employees through interactive meetings.

As a benefits customer, you’ll receive free access to HR360–a useful online resource tool with information on topics like employee benefits, recruitment and hiring, termination of employment, state laws, forms and policies, safety and wellness and Healthcare reform.

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