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STEP5 – Risk Management Process

At Kuhl Insurance℠ we believe one of our jobs is to lower your incidence of claims. That’s the reason behind our Kuhl STEP5 Risk Management Process. We are committed to helping control the overall insurance costs of our clients.

Through five clear and proven steps, you’ll receive enthusiastic support as we work with your management and risk management teams to evaluate risk, develop action plans, implement safety plans, track results and celebrate achievements.

When insurance companies want your business, you come out a winner with lower insurance premiums. When they see the bottom line proof of your proactive planning, they’ll do whatever it takes to keep you on their books.

Better claims history. A safer workplace. Lower premiums. Meet the Kuhl STEP5 Risk Management Process.

Safe companies with good claims histories have many things in common. At Kuhl, we’ve catalogued these differences and formulated a process that can help nearly any company achieve cost-saving, measurable results. Currently, the average experience modification rate reduction for Kuhl STEP5 clients is 17.3 points.

Clean safety records. Low mods. Happy, healthy employees. It’s all an unbeatable position your company will want to be in.

NOTE: Based on your total Workers’ Comp. premium the Kuhl STEP5 Risk Management Process may be included in our services at no additional cost.

For more information on the Kuhl STEP5 Risk Management Process and to get a copy of our Kuhl STEP5 Brochure, please email our Commercial Lines Manager, Laura McGahan, at

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