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Labor Day Weekend Driving Safety Tips

Traffic fatalities are estimated higher than normal for the upcoming Labor Day weekend. The National Safety Council (NSC) estimates 421 people may be killed and another 48,400 may seriously injured in car crashes for the three-day holiday period, which is 11% higher than the average number of deaths, 378 for past Labor Day weekends.

The National Safety Council’s recent State of Safety report states that preventable deaths are at an all-time high, and many fatalities are on the road. States receiving an “A” for road safety have strong laws such as texting bans, primary seat belt laws and sobriety checkpoints in place to help protect drivers passing through. The NSC has identified seven states that received an “A” – Illinois, Louisiana, Washington, D.C., Delaware, Maine, West Virginia, and Maryland.

Nevada, Florida, Mississippi, Idaho, Wyoming, Arizona, Missouri, South Dakota and Montana received an “F,” according to the NSC.

Here are some quick tips to help keep you safe while traveling this holiday weekend:

  • Buckle up – buckle up on every trip in every seating position.
  • Properly restrain children – make sure children are properly restrained in the appropriate seats for their height, weight, and age.
  • Don’t drink and drive – designate an alcohol and drug-free driver or arrange alternate transportation.
  • Avoid drowsy driving – get plenty of sleep and take regular breaks to avoid fatigue.
  • Cell phone use still dangerous – cell phone use is now estimated to be involved in 26% of all motor vehicle crashes – up from the previous year.
  • Don’t let teens drive – do not allow teens to drive with their friends. A single young passenger can increase a teen river’s fatal crash risk 44%, the NSC estimates.
  • Get to know your vehicle – learn about your vehicle’s safety systems and how to use them. After all, you are the car’s best safety feature.
  • Check for recalls – you can regularly check your vehicle for recalls at

We hope everyone has a safe and fun holiday weekend!

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