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Summer Safety Tips to Consider

Summer is finally here! Now is a good time to make adjustments, for the safety of tomorrow and the rest of the summer. Check out these tips to keep your home healthy and safe when it’s warm outside.

Make Sure Your Air Conditioning is in Good Working Condition

Ensure that the fan is functioning well, the coils are clean, and there isn’t a faulty wiring that could cause a fire. And as always, don’t forget to change your filter.

Grill with Caution

You may have been dreaming of throwing a backyard barbecue since winter. But careless grilling may cause burns or fires Before you start cooking up that first burger of the summer, consider these tips from the National Fire Protection Association:

  • Check your gas grill for hose leaks, blockages, and holes.
  • Never step away from the grill while it’s on.
  • If using a charcoal grill, wait for the coals to cool completely before disposing.

Check Your Deck or Patio for Safety Hazards

Check for loose boards, railings, and protruding nails or boards in your outdoor space.

Test Your Playground for Safety

With kids out of school, you may notice your backyard playset getting more use. However, improperly constructed or neglected play structures may potentially cause injuries to children. Be sure to check your backyard swing set for:

  • All playgrounds should be built on level ground. Swing sets should also have a soft landing area.
  • Be sure there’s enough clearance around the swing set, at least 6 feet on all sides.
  • Look over the playset to make sure there aren’t any loose screws, bolts or nails. Also check for rust in areas that support the overall structure.

Home Swimming Pool Safety

Lounging by your backyard pool can be a fun and relaxing way for you and your family to spend the summer. But before you jump in for a swim, consider these tips:

  • Never allow children to swim unsupervised. Designate an adult to watch them at all times.
  • Use a sturdy pool cover for times when your pool isn’t in use.
  • Install a fence around your pool.
  • Check your pool’s drain and suction covers. If they are missing or broken, repair them immediately. Faulty drains may cause accidental entrapment.

Be Careful with Pesticides

According to the EPA, the only way to help eliminate the risk of pesticide poisoning is using non-chemical methods to help control your pest problems. That means making sure you don’t have any standing water or leaky pipes in your yard and getting rid of pest habitats, like leaf debris or neglected woodpiles. If you must use pesticides, follow these tips from the EPA:

  • Don’t apply pesticides while children or pets are nearby, and don’t allow them near the area of application until the pesticides have dried.
  • When applying the pesticide, remember that wind may blow the spray further than your intended area of use. Avoid using pesticides during windy days.
  • Wear protective clothing including long sleeves and eye protection while using pesticides and thoroughly wash your hands afterward.
  • Never use more pesticide than the manufacturer’s recommended amount.

Stay Safe Even When You’re Not at Home

As you make plans to visit the beach, go hiking in the mountains, or take a road tip, consider your home’s safety before you go. Burlgars prefer to target homes that look empty because it makes the process easier for them. So remember:

  • Hold your mail (or have a neighbor grab it every day).
  • Trick potential intruders with things like timers on outdoor lights, have someone come over to mow your lawn, or even have a neighbor park their car in front of your house/in your driveway.
  • Ask a neighbor to keep an eye out.
  • Avoid posting on social media while you are away, you never know who may be able to view that post that says you’re out of town!
  • If someone is coming over to watch your animals/water your plants, consider giving them the spare key instead of keeping it hidden outside.

Doing a handful of preventive measures now may help you and your family enjoy your backyard and summer more safely!

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