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Why Life Insurance?

In the event of a tragedy, life insurance proceeds can help cover everyday expenses, like the mortgage and household bills. The cash received from a policy (a death benefit) can help protect your family from being burdened with debt. In addition to helping meet your family’s immediate financial needs, life insurance can also be used to help keep a business thriving, help finance future needs like your children’s education or supplement your retirement funds.

You may know the distinct pride you get in purchasing your own home or car. Ownership can give a certain comfort, a certain satisfaction that your financial stability is solid, secure, and even permanent. Wouldn’t you like to feel that way about your family’s financial future – even if you weren’t around to provide for them? 

Are you an owner or partner in a closely-held company? If so, death of a business owner or partner can be an uncertain time for the life of a business. A buy-sell agreement can help protect you and your business from the effects of unintended or unwelcomed transfers of ownership. Consider funding your buy-sell agreement with life insurance. By purchasing a life insurance policy to fund your buy-sell agreement, you can help protect and extend the life of your business. 

Take a moment to watch this video, and contact us today so we can help you select the plan that provides the right kind of protection for you, your business, and your family.


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